Here it is, your weekly sprinkle of joy 😂 Test your knowledge and see how you go.  Good luck 😊
Well, this started out as nutrition and then that went by the by and then forms decided to have a hissy so eventually this is the result, Food!!! Good luck everyone 😊 Have fun 🦀🍗🍵
Well everyone, I really know how to start your week on a high. Here is the quiz to send you running towards that goal and at great speed 😊 Good luck and as the saying goes 'keeeeeeeeeep quizzing'.
A jobs fair in Cumbria next month is particularly important in the wake of redundancies and economic uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. That's the message from Leigh Williams, who is organising the online event on behalf of The Building Better Opportunities Getting Cumbria to Work (BBO GCtW) project. "The fair, on Wednesday 21 October 202...
Hi everyone, here is the link for the weekly quiz.  Test your knowledge on transport.  Good luck Click here to access the quiz link:
I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath for the weekly quiz and the chance to test your knowledge.  The topic this week is the human body, I know I learnt a few new facts when compiling the quiz.  Good luck everyone.
This weeks wonderful quiz looks at events in the 1980's. If your not a child of the 80's have a go anyways - you may learn a little - it's just a bit of fun.
Why not test your knowledge with our weekly quiz. Its just a biot of fun and you may learn something - I know I did!! Enjoy and hope you can beat 35%: 31 
The BBO GCtW project is pleased to be able to offer particpants a range of activities throughout each week. If you want to join any or all of these sessions, please either contact your local key worker or the BBO GCTW admin officer for joining details (Zoom code and/or links). WHy not start nice and easy today with some yoga Tuesday - 10 minute wri...
A South Lakes woman who said she used to lack confidence and would not have been able to complete an online application in the past was able to secure a permanent part-time job, thanks to help from the Building Better Opportunities Getting Cumbria to Work project. Victoria, who has had historic mental health and self-harm issues as well as an eatin...
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