There's a question for everyone in this weeks quiz.  Enjoy and good luck.  Microsoft Forms Have a go at this weeks Trivia quiz
Let's see how well you know your April Fool's Day trivia.  Good luck  Microsoft Forms April Fool's Day quiz link
The quiz this week celebrates International Women's Day.  How many can you answer correctly?  Good luck Microsoft Forms International Women's Day link
How well do you know your collective nouns?  See how well fare.  The top score so far from the BBO GCtW team is 90%.  Good luck
Take a look at the latest newsletter and see what's going on in the world of BBO GCtW File Name: Final-Jan-Feb-2021-BBO-GCtW-Newsletter File Size: 519 kb Download File
How often do you keep up with what's happening in the news?  Test your knowledge with this weeks quiz.  Good luck  Microsoft Forms News Quiz Link.
Sport is the subject this week, not my area of expertise and if I hadn't written the quiz I would of done really badly at guessing, Top score from the BBO GCtW team so far is 50%, see if you can beat that.  Good luck  Microsoft Forms Sport Quiz Link
This week's topic is animal trivia.  I've thrown in a few more challenging questions, test yourself and have a go.  Good luck everyone. Microsoft Forms Animal Trivia Quiz Link
Last quiz of the year. Why not test everyone's knowledge and host a family quiz over Christmas, either in person or over zoom if you're linking up virtually.  You could ask everyone to sing their answer!!  Merry Christmas everybody and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from all the BBO GCtW Team Microsoft Forms E...
Hi Everyone, here is the link to the BBO GCtW November/December Newsletter so you can keep updated with all the fantastic work taking place on the project.   File Name: Final-Nov-Dec-2020-BBO-GCtW-Newsletter File Size: 381 kb Download File
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